Delay Cream in Pakistan

Delay creams/timing cream for men to increase their timing and climax control.

Eros Delay Cream
Rs.1450 Rs.1800
Maxman Delay Cream
Rs.1500 Rs.1700
Deadly Shark 48000
Rs.1450 Rs.1700
Royal Stag 90000
Rs.2500 Rs.2750

Information about delay cream for men to fully understand about timing cream and know how to buy delay cream in Karachi, delay cream in Lahore and other cities of Pakistan.

What is Delay Cream/Timing Cream

Delay cream or timing cream is a climax control cream for men to last longer in bed. It is a specially prepared desensitizing cream that makes the male organ numb for a certain period of time. This desensitizing cream helps men to avoid premature ejaculation and prolong sex timing.

The reason is very simple, that when male organ gets numb then the warmth and wetness of the sheath will have lesser effect on it and men can last longer in bed. The delay cream/timing cream is extremely beneficial for the men who have complaints regarding premature ejaculation due to any reason. Remember it is not a disease in majority of the cases and men need not to worry about it.

Benefits of Using Delay Cream/Timing Cream

If you are one of the men who really desire to spend extra time in bed with your sex partner then you surely be happy to read the benefits of using delay cream before the process starts.

How to Use Delay Cream?

You must know how to use the last longer cream so that you can derive full benefits of the product.

a. Washing your penis before using the timing cream is advisable though not must. You may use it dry as well. Let us be very frank and practical, you may not like to waste time in going to the toilet and washing it with cold water, isn’t it?

b. Delay cream should be used at least 15-20 minutes before the intercourse because almost all the desensitizing creams need some time to fully seep in to the skin. If some residue of prolong cream remained on your tool then your partner may also have the effect of it, so you imagine the result yourself.

c. To avoid the effect on your partner you may use tissue paper lightly to soak off extra drops of timing cream BUT do it after 10-15 minutes.

d. Just apply a thin layer of the cream on the head of the male organ and leave it for about 5 minutes. Every man has different sensation level so you have to test drive yourself that how much suits you so experiment well according to your requirements.

Delay Cream Side Effects/Precautions of Using Timing Cream

Since the last longer cream is for external use only so till now no side effects of delay cream is reported yet. However it is a medicine and some precautions are must to avoid any mishap.

Number of men also use timing condoms in addition to the cream, now it is up to you whether you need the special condom or will do with simple condom. If you think that delay cream does not suits you then you may try delay spray to see whether it serves your purpose.

Recommended Brands of Delay Cream/Timing Cream

As mentioned earlier several brands of delay cream for men are in the Pakistan market and delay cream in Karachi, delay cream in Lahore and Islamabad are the most marketable cities.

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