Are Delay Condoms Better Than Sprays?

One of the most frequently asked question about delay products is whether to use a timing condom or a spray. Several men still remain confused over the subject. This is specially true for the men who have never used delay products before. Due to non-experience they remain confused whether a delay condom or a spray, which one is right for them.

One thing to clarify before going ahead is that, it is totally up to you and you have to decide about it. This post is just a guideline based on different feed backs gathered from our customers.

A delay condom is a normal condom with some timing gel inside it that starts its desensitizing effect as soon you roll over it your male organ. Where as a delay spray is just a simple spray that is sprayed at the tip of your male organ. Remember all sprays do not have equal and similar effects, some are very strong while others are mild. One of the  best and most popular is Largo delay spray and is recommended by several men who are fully satisfied with this spray. So if you feel that your skin is extra sensitive then the use of very strong sprays may not suit you and you may face problem in achieving second erection.

If your skin is to sensitive then using a good timing condom will be more beneficial than a delay spray. Since the time delay condom have very mild delaying gel inside them so it may prove to be better for you. One of the best recommended timing condom brand is Xtacy condoms as they are the thinnest latex condoms that suits most of the men. However it all depend upon your choice. If you use delay cream then using a condom proves to be more beneficial.

Some men particularly whose body is fat have more thicker skin on their male organ that may be due to fats deposited underneath the skin. For such men a strong delay spray can prove to be beneficial because normal, mild spray may not provide them with the required effect.

As stated earlier it is all test and trial game and men need to carryout different tests and see that which product is giving them more benefits and pleasure. Everybody has a different requirement of getting pleasure so try as much as you can and when you are satisfied with a product then you can include that in your pleasure armory.

Having more and more pleasure is the demand and of course the right of every men and there is no harm or shyness in it. So  after your hard work if you want to have good intimate moments then you must invest some money on it as life is not with you for ever.

Updated: December 23, 2017 — 3:10 pm
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