Are Delay Condoms Better Than Sprays?

One of the most frequently asked question about delay products is whether to use a timing condom or a spray. Several men still remain confused over the subject. This is specially true for the men who have never used delay products before. Due to non-experience they remain confused whether a delay condom or a spray, […]

Benefits of Buying Delay Products Online

Buying delay products from stores has never been easy, because of social and religious obligations. People tend to be shy while asking for some sex products from any shop or store, particularly in the presence of some people. It is my personal experience that some years back I need some contraceptive product and went to […]

DelaySprays Blog Launched

Blog has been launched for the main website delay sprays for men to remain updated about the products and reviews about them. We intend adding the right knowledge about delay products for men so that they should be clear about them. Delay products are for men’s pleasure as they increase their timings in bed. So […]

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